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    The Demons Within


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    The Demons Within Empty The Demons Within

    Post by Hitokage on Thu Nov 28, 2013 1:02 pm

    I do not own Naruto or any of the characters portrayed in this fabric. It is nonprofit and fan-made, and is mereley a way to pass time. Naruto is owned by Masahashi Kishimoto. Please support the official release.

    No POV
    Jiraiya's last words echoed in Naruto's mind, a constant reminder to him, and yet a sorrow. It had been a year since the great sages untimely death, and yet still, it felt as if it was yesterday. Every day, Naruto thinks about what he could've done to stop it or prevent it, and curses his weakness. Yet he bears through it, in turmoil, on a daily basis. Yet sadly, this is the way of the ninja.

    Chapter 1
    Naruto's POV

    Naruto sat on his bed, a bored look on his face. "No missions, no enemies, no nu'in..." he murmured. He lazily got up, and walked to the ramen shop, having nothing else to really do. "Hey Naruto!" the shopkeeper called out. "Got any plans with Sakura?" Naruto replied back,"No." "Ahhaha, you're blushing!" "Am not!" Naruto called out indignantly. "But hey, for real, good luck with her.", the shopkeeper drawled. Naruto merely shook his head and walked off.

    The next hour was uneventful. Naruto walked around, talking to his fellow ninjas. It was then that the alarm bell rang. "Are we under attack?", one blue haired girl yelled. "The bells too short, something's up!", her comrade yelled back. Naruto broke in to a run, and was therefore naturally first on the scene. The gates opened, and an exhausted Shikamaru staggered through the gates."Shikamaru!" "N-naruto...I c-couldnt find him...", Shikamaru said. He then proceeded to pass out, as a shocked Naruto barely catches him.

    After carrying Shikamaru to the hospital, Tsunade confirms that he'll be ok with some rest, and that most of it is exhaustion. Naruto breathes a sigh of relief, and walks outside to take a breather. "Naruto!", a voice calls, as he's tackle hugged over by a girl. "Sakura, how's it goin?" he says, trying to get up. "Its going well." she replied, laughing. "Could you uh, maybe let me up?",Naruto said with a hopeful smile. "Nah", Sakura replied, still laughing. "Anyways, did you hear about Shikamaru?", Naruto said in a more serious tone. "Yeah...That's what I'm here for" she somnerly replied. Naruto finally managed to push Sakura off of him, amd she laughs again. "Anyways, I gotta go heal him. Something about something draining his chakra..." "Oh...Tsunade just told me he was exhausted", Naruto remarked, kind of confused. "I dont blame her for lying, you have a tendency to overreact..." Sakura said teasingly. "I DO NOT!",he yelled indignantly. "Point proven" "...shuddup"

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