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    Love or World? Empty Love or World?

    Post by Akari! on Thu Nov 28, 2013 1:14 pm

    The title may make you think something, But You never know .I don't even know why i wrote this. Its was an idea that popped in my mind at school...I hope you enjoy. This is a new format I'm trying. One of my stories that are on fictionpress lol

    Chapter 1
    *** Intro ***
    Footsteps echoed in the dark hall. Sho couldn't see anything. Out of the darkness something touched my shoulder. He jumped back and let out a yelp. This was the beginning of something new...
    *** Sho ***
    I woke up alarmed. Just a dream I thought, or was it? "Sho come down here." mom called. I got dressed, wearing a uniform to school was boring but going to school my school in New York requires it. When I got downstairs I ate breakfast. I got to school, being in 8th grade wasn't so hard. What was hard was trying to get away from a girl who liked me. To me she was a annoying brat. Today I decided to take a shortcut. Anyhow in class something happened. The lights started flickering on and off. The teacher told us to walk outside to work. I was left behind. As I walked out it was dark like my dream. I knew what was coming so I turned around and found a girl...
    Scared and Skinny described the girl almost perfectly. She looked like she didn't eat for days. She was a year younger than me...or so it looked like it. I weird sensation came over me. I didn't know what it meant but I knew I knew I had to help her. I wondered if my parents could take her in for a while. She introduced herself. I found out the she was in 7th grade and her name was Aria. When school was finished I home and told my parents, "Uh If there was a girl who was lost and needed a temporarily home will you take her in for a while?" They said it would depend on who the girl was and what condition she was in. Sure enough Aria met my parents and they let her stay. This was fortunate because I didn't know where I would've taken her if my parents say no. Another fortunate thing was that it was Christmas break so a month or so off was good. It felt like Aria was effecting me somehow. Her beautiful smile and her ensuring words that make my day brighter. I decided to something fun for once. A festival or something would do. Who knows what I should do. I decided to talk a walk in the park. Easy and simple so off we went. When we got there we didn't say anything. I broke the silence with a stupid comment. "So..uh...um.." She put the index finger to my lips. I was surprised with this gesture. She leaded towards me but I stopped her. I didn't know why though. It just wasn't the time. "What's the matter Sho?" Aria asked. "Nothing" I replied. It was silence from then on until we started walking home. There were so many things in my mind but I couldn't help but noticing her eye and hair were so perfect and smelled of lavander. I snapped myself back to reality. It was harder than every trying to talk to Aria. i didn't know what to say...
    *** Aria ***
    I was glad Sho took me on a walk because deep inside I loved him. I don't know why though. My heart ached when he held hands with somebody. During the walk he started stuttering. I found this a good time to confess my love for him but the words wouldn't come out. I leaded in closer try to kiss him or something my mind went blank. We walked in silence back home. I tried to let everything sink in. I noticed Sho was looking at me...
    *** Sho ***
    "I...um..never mind." I started. My stuttering made me blush. I stopped talking again. Aria turned to me and said she was sorry. I gave her a nod, afraid of messing up my words again. I promised her to take her to the movies since...I don't know. After a long day we finally made it home. As I sit on my bed thinking about when me and Aria first met. It hit me like a rock. The weird sensation was...love. The most powerful word. After the word love, the words hatred and anger popped up in my mind. A week passed by and we hadn't talk to each other. At night when I slept the weirdest dream occured...I song started playing I didn't recognize it but it was weird. I started to have nightmares of Aria dying and leaving it wasn't pleasant.
    ***Aria ***
    I was having nice dreams until I heard something in Sho's room. He was shouting me name but I didn't know why so I just went back to bed feeling...I'm not sure myself.
    *** Sho ***
    I woke up with sweat on my head. I felt like 10 bullets were in my head. With my head throbbing I got dressed and did the usual nick-nacks. Soon I saw Aria with her blackish brown hair behind her wearing a blue shirt and- Wait why was I even looking at her. Ah...the smell of popcorn. "Butter or No butter?" I asked Aria. "I don't care" she replied. We got butter with the extra taste to it. The move was awkward with a capital A. I rat that falls in love with a princess. The movie was called The Tale of Desperex or something like that. I would've picked Percy Jackson but eh what the heck. During the movie. I felt weird again. My heart was thumping fast. Like really fast because looked at me and asked whats the matter. That didn't make it any better. Was I having a heart attack or something? Nope it was love again. The force that hurts more than anything. I replied back to Aria, "Yeah, I'm ok." For right now at least I mumbled under my breath. Well this time Aria didn't do anything like last time. Ok, scratch that. She feel asleep on my shoulder in the middle of the movie and start mumbling something. I couldn't make it out but I was sure it hard the word Sho in it.
    *** Aria ***
    I fell asleep at the movies. It was so boring. I wished I picked Percy Jackson but anyways. It was a weird dream but I didn't know how to describe it. Everything was dark and gloomy. Fog was everywhere. It was hard to see but I made out a figure. It looked like Sho but I wasn't sure. It looked A LOT like him. I started to talk to myself for no reason. I meant it, it felt like my heart took control of my mouth. I started saying " Sho..I love you... Don't go...Don't leave me...You are my everything..I will always love you..." Sho shook me up. "What's Wrong? Why were you mumbling in your sleep?" he asked. I hoped he didn't hear all that.
    *** Sho ***
    Finally, the movie ended. This is all very confusing.(This is confusing lol T_T If only love wasn't so twisted.) When we were walking home a vortex opened. It didn't suck us inside. It just got in our minds and probaly made us commit suicide. I saw my life flash before my eyes. I'm only 14 years old so it wasn't that big of a flash. We got deposited in some kind of world. I fell to the gound as the vortex closed with Aria. She hugged me tightly. Her haialr smelled like morning roses and her body was warm. I felt like kissing her but that was would be a very weird gesture I couldn't say anything so i hugged her back. We were stranded on a unknown world. Out of nowhere a dragon apeared. "Holy..." I started. I got up as quickly as possible and started runnung with Aria at my heels. I looked at her and she was tired by the looks in her eye. "I can't go further.." Aria panted behind me. I stopped and looked back. The dragon wasn't visable anymore. "Ok we can rest here for a bit" I replied to her. I didn't know what happened next but I was out cold.
    I started dreamig again. A poem was shown to me again it said:

    I want to kiss your reddish lips
    I want to touch your rosy cheeks
    I want to hear your lovely voice
    Although it can make a loud noise

    I will forget all my sorrow
    Just to be with you tomorrow
    Thinking you're always beside me
    Hoping that you'll never leave me

    *** Aria ***

    When me and Sho came put of the vortex I hugged him tightly. I never wanted to let go. A dragon appeared so we run and kept an running until I was tired. I told Sho and he said the rest for a "bit" but he blacked out already. I went to sleep beside him. I had another weird dream but I couldn't stop myself. My heart took over again. "Sho... No don't go! Stay with me!...I will always be here. Don't leave me...I will always love you..."
    *** Sho ***
    I woke up but I saw Aria's arms around me. I freaked out. I didn't do anything. She was tired from running and I let her rest. Soon, I feel asleep again. This time it was peaceful. A dream where there's sunshine here and there. Me and Aria holding hands, our eyes sparkled with love I snapped out of it. I was only 14 and I didn't need a girlfriend...even though everybody has one in my class. They tried to get me one but they failed. I know now, that it is Aria I loved, nobody else.

    Sorry if too short. I need to do this fast. Enjoy!

    *** Aria ***
    I woke up first and saw Sho sleeping like a baby. I took a little walk wondering where we were. It wasn't pleasant. First an elf came up to me and started to annoy me. Then I started running away from a 6 headed dog. I went back to where Sho was and couldn't find him anywhere. I started to panic because who knows what's in this place. I looked everywhere. I finally found him at last..."Sho!" I shouted and ran to him. His face was blank and didn't say anything. I started to worry. I cane face to face with him and he pushed me back. "Who are you?" He asked. "Don't you remember me?" I replied. "No..." he said. Tears swelled in my eyes as I try not to cry. What happened to Sho I asked myself. "I'm Aria remember? We walked in the park and went to the movies together..." Sho shook his head. I wept as he left me standing there without a word. Then he walked off like a zombie. I fell to the forest ground and start crying. I didn't know what happened to him. I only went away for like 10 minutes and now... I stayed there not moving. The tears of sadness and fear were around me. I couldn't stop crying but I eventually I stopped. I just slept there on the ground, unmoving and quiet. I tried to let everything sink in. Soon enough it was the next day. When I woke up, I was alone. Sho wasn't in sight. If he died over night...I got up and started looking for him. I looked everywhere. I couldn't find him in the forest. I went to look in the mountains. I finally found him...lying on the ground unconscious. I quickly went to him and saw that his heart was still beating...for the moment at least. I sat beside him doing nothing but staring at his empty face. I didn't know what to do so I started crying again. Who knew you can cry so much? In all the drama I noticed I haven't eaten in about 2 days. I went to look for food on the mountain being sure not to let Sho out of my sight. I little dwarf walked up to him and started kicking at Sho. "HEY! What are you doing!?" I yelled. I rushed back and shoved the dwarf away and touched Sho's face to make sure he's ok. " I was just trying to help..." the little dwarf started tearing up. I felt sorry for the little thing. I asked if there was a way to make Sho regain conscious and the dwarf helped. As Sho slept on the slightly small bed of a dwarf, my fingers intertwined with his. I grasped it tightly while the dwarf was looking for materials to help him. After a while the dwarf faced us and start chanting something in a language a didn't know. The dwarf said I'll need to wait a day or so for Sho to wake up. It introduced itself and I found out it's name was Frank. He provided me with dinner and other items. He also said he restored Sho's memories. It turned out that a little creature called mimmer caused Sho to lose his memories and black out cold. At night, I slept holding his hand at the bed stand. I thought about the current world around them. It wasn't everyday you get sucked in a vortex coming home from the movies. I wanted to go home to Sho's house and live there once more. I knew it couldn't be done right now. The dwarf said once every 1000 year a boy and a girl gets transported here and need to go home. The way to do this though, was to get the 3 stones of Grass, Water and Fire. Oh great I thought to myself. "One more thing...Human lived to go back home" Frank said. That's ensuring I said in my head again. After 3 days Sho woke up. During that time I was always by his bed stand waiting for him to wake up. The 3 days felt like eternity to me. When Sho woke up, his face was full of color again and alarmed. He looked around the room and soon stared at me intently. I kept my glaze on him, not knowing what he was thinking. After 15 seconds or so, he leaded towards me. I went closer to him. Soon our lips touched. The world disappeared around me. His lips were warm and and was soft like chocolate that was newly made. I didn't push or pull away. I stood still and so did him. It was over after he pushed away. "Sorry..." was all he said, before I could said anything else he added "Aria" He started to blush. I couldn't help but blush also because it was hard not too. Frank eyed us with big eyes and said in a annoyed voice "Are you two done with the drama and kissing yet? I getting tired" I turned to him immediately, I forgot he was still there which made me blush even more. Frank gave us supplies and stuff for our journey. He said bye and good luck as we left his house. Sho didn't say anything yet.

    *** Sho ***

    I did not remember anything. All I remembered was sleeping with Aria on the forest ground then blank, nothing. I woke up startled and looked around myself. My eyes set on Aria after scanning the room. I held my glaze as she did hers. I had the urge to kiss her but...I didn't want to...did I? Before I knew it I kissed Aria...Her hair flowing beside her. The smell of flowers and medicine was on her as well. I didn't move she didn't say anything either. I pushed myself away from her after a while and said "Sorry" and added the word "Aria" for a good measure. I start blushing after that A lot. Aria was blushing too. A little dwarf looked at us wide eyed. "Are you two done with the drama and kissing yet?" Soon after a little talk and supplies. We were on the road. Now with an objective.

    *** Aria ***

    I looked over at Sho who was bringing up the rear. Her was the same old Sho. I felt something new and strange about him though...I couldn't put my finger on it. "Um...Sho...can I tell you something" I asked. "Sure what is it?" he replied. "I...Lo-" I was cut off by him. He said in a quiet voice " I love you...you know that. Do you love me?" I was lose in words. I was processing all this and said. "Of course I do..." Finally telling him made me relieved. We hugged tightly. Just then something sharp jammed into my back and everything went black.

    I needed to write a lot about Aria because in Chapter 1 Sho took all the fame. Cliff Hanger ending? The next chapter has a lot of action and...you'll find out. Again Sorry if it is too short. Comments? Review? I don't care lol

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