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    League Rules Empty League Rules

    Post by Dahs on Wed Nov 13, 2013 2:13 am

    ---League Rules ( Version 1.0.0) ---
    Rule 1: Follow the rules.
    Rule 2: All challengers and league members must register themselves in the appropriate area of the forums.
    Rule 3: Challengers may not change their pokemon at all during any part of their challenge ( Items, EV's, etc. May be changed however).
    Rule 4: Challengers may fight the gym leaders in any order they choose.
    Rule 5: Challengers must earn at least 12 badges before they can rightfully challenge the elite four.
    Rule 6: Upon defeating a gym leader ( or an elite four), the challenger must edit his original registration post and must claim that he has won that gym leader's badge ( or elite four's badge). The gym leader ( or elite four) who lost must reply to this by quoting directly from this editation the challenger made to his original post, which thus proves the challenger did indeed earn a badge.
    Rule 7: If a challenger loses to a gym leader, they may not challenge the same gym leader again until 24 hours have past. This rule is optional, and is completely up to the gym leader on whether they want to enforce this rule on their gym.
    Rule 8: Before a gym challenge, challengers must explicitly state that the battle is for a gym badge.
    Rule 9: Before a challenge, gym leaders and elite four must also check on the forums and see if the challenger is using the team he posted on his/her registration form to verify whether the gym battle is valid or not.
    Rule 10: Once beating at least 10 gym leaders, the challenger fights the elite four. He can fight them in any order, but if the challenger loses to one of the elite four, he must re-challenge all the other elite four and must win before fighting the elite four he lost to.
    Rule 11: After fighting and beating all the elite four consecutively, the challenger has the right to fight the champion. There must be at least two spectators watching this battle ( the spectators must be current gym leaders or elite four). If the challenger wins, he is declared the champion. If the challenger loses, he must fight all the elite four again and must beat them consecutively again to fight the champion again.
    Rule 12: Gym leaders, elite four, and the champion have every right to stop a battle for any reason and consider the entire battle to be void.
    Rule 13: There is no rule 13.
    Rule 14: Circumvention of the rules, or disobeyment of the rules will result in punishment, including but not limited to: Resetting badges, explusion from the league, et cetera.
    Rule 15: Have fun, and good luck!

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